School concept

Our school concept is based on a globalized, digitally interconnected life and work environment, including lifelong learning.

The ISG views school as an institution that enables students to acquire an interdisciplinary, solid, and highly qualified general education.

Foreign language acquisition is consistently taught through immersion in all aspects of school life.

The skills acquired in both the instructional and extracurricular contexts are emphasized in the domains of foreign languages, natural sciences, technology, collaboration, critical thinking, media literacy, and self-reflection.

  • international staff
  • cultural events and traditions
  • international partnerships
  • Erasmus+ school
  • BYOD- Learning with your own device
  • collaborative digital learning methods
  • Office 365 – Cloud-based formats
  • French and English starting in Grade 5
  • natural, immersive language acquisition
  • trilingual, extracurricular offers and activities
  • activities and workshops during lunch breaks and in the afternoon
  • activities and trips during school holidays
  • student workspace for homework and research
  • extracurricular clubs
  • local and international partner schools and universities
  • network partner of „Schule in der digitalen Welt“
  • „Lindus“ network school
  • reference school of Saxony-Anhalt
  • subject „Happiness“ among all grades
  • „Hybrid-Days“ every school year
  • student company operation in the cafeteria
  • job orientation
  • internships in social work professions