The registration form is available from September 1st to November 30th each year.

More information regarding the registration process can be found in our FAQs below

Senden Sie eine formlose Mail an die Koordinatoren der Stufe 5-8 oder der Stufe 9-12.

  • Tuition with sibling discount (120 EUR / 100 EUR / 80 EUR monthly)
  • After school program fees from the city of Magdeburg or the local municipality if opting for after school care in grades 5 and 6, as well as 7 (if capacity allows) – Deduction of 15 EUR from the tuition fees.
  • Interest-free parental loan of 1,000 EUR (reimbursement after graduation or transfer to another school)
  • Daily meals: 1.50 / 4.55 / 0.85 EUR daily (breakfast / lunch / afternoon snack including drinks)
  • Tuition, loans, and fees can be waived, suspended, or deferred per an application to the school operator.