Welcome to the ISG-Club

In our all-day program, the ISG Club, students experience a world of diversity. Our international, multi-professional team accompanies students on weekdays from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, as well as during school holidays, fostering social and school-related needs and laying the foundation for a successful high school diploma.

With diverse projects, cafeteria, sports events, and more, along with participation in everyday life, we create space for exchange, relaxation, and independent action.

Welcome to an educational environment based on respect, education, and belonging – shaped by students and the ISG Club. Parents are also warmly invited to participate in shaping the club.

A day at the ISG

  • supervision by the club with immersive, athletic, and digital offers
  • outdoor area with climbing wall, sports facilities, seating
  • cafeteria with French bistro atmosphere

Leisure and holiday activities

  • projects, overnight stays, parties
  • sporting events and varying holiday programs
  • annual trips to various regions of Europe

Relaxation and interaction

  • stress-free environment for exchange and relaxation
  • snoezelen room and club room for playful interaction
  • fully equipped workspace for homework and projects

Educational approach

  • children’s participation in everyday pedagogical activities
  • goal: conflict resolution and assumption of social responsibility
  • promotion of autonomous action

Concept and parental involvement

  • based on the educational program of Saxony-Anhalt
  • participation, student rights, respect, quality education, belonging
  • invitation of parents to participate, support, and shape